Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send my singles as tracked / registered post?

All subscriptions and individual purchases will be sent as follows: UK: 2nd Class Standard Europe: International Standard Rest of the World: International Standard If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us at and we can advise further.

I want to give this to someone as a Christmas present. Could the postcard be sent in a plain envelope?

Yes, all postcards will be sent in a plain envelope. For orders received on or before 03 December, postcards will be sent individually and we will attempt to deliver them to customers in time for Christmas. For any orders received after that date, postcards will be included in the first single shipment.

Will I receive a download code or digital version of the singles I buy?

This is a vinyl-only project, so download codes will not be available with any of these singles. All tracks will, however, be available to stream / download as usual from your preferred Digital Service Providers / Retailers as they are released each month.

When will I receive the singles, box and signed postcard?

Your first single will arrive in mid January 2022. Each additional single will arrive monthly thereafter. Collector's Boxes are currently expected to be delivered in March 2022, along with the third single of the series. (This is due to a manufacturing delay caused by Covid-19). Should we encounter any delays, we will do our best to inform you at the soonest possible moment. If you order on or by 03 December 2021, we will endeavour to send your signed postcard as a separate delivery in time for Christmas (though we cannot guarantee this). If you order after 03 December, your signed postcard will arrive with your first single in mid January 2022, as above. Signed postcards will be discontinued from 7th January 2022 - any orders placed after this date will not receive one with their subscription.

What do I do if my single or box does not arrive and / or is damaged?

Please email as soon as possible. If your items arrive damaged, photographs are always very helpful for us.

Is it possible to be refunded part way through the series?

For any monthly subscribers, you may cancel your subscription at any time and we will continue sending 7”s to correspond with the number of monthly payments that have already cleared i.e. if 6 monthly payments have been made between October 2021 and March 2022, 7”s will be sent until the 6th in the series (June 2022.)* For those that have paid up front, we would be happy to refund an amount that is pro rated to take into consideration the number of unsent singles.This will be calculated at the rates used for individual purchases - i.e. all discounts and extra merchandise received in paying up front will be forfeited. *Please be aware that your monthly payments begin from the day you order your subscription.

Is it possible to send the series as a gift to a friend?

Yes - but please ensure that, if your friend lives in a different postal region (UK vs Europe vs Rest Of World), that you choose the subscription option that relates to the delivery address, not your mailing address. You must also make sure their name is listed as the recipient in the delivery address. If you need to explain anything to us, you can do us in the 'order note' section during the checkout process.

Will the singles be sold separately and / or in record stores?

Yes - singles can be bought individually from this platform or from participating record shops.

Will I be able to buy copies of the sleeve images?

Yes, we are working on making these available soon and will provide updated details when we know more. In the meantime, if you would like to enquire further, you are welcome to contact Jessica McMillan (the series photographer) via

Why is this website separate from the Scopitones online shop?

This project is a partnership between Scopitones and Clue Records. Scopitones has full involvement, and are working closely as a team with Clue Records - we are just using their payment system. You can browse / buy other merchandise from Scopitones as usual, via

Do subscription prices include postage & packaging?

Yes. All subscription prices (both 'pay upfront' or 'pay monthly' options) already include postage and packaging costs for the Collector's Box and all twelve singles each month. Any individual purchase prices (a single on its own, or the Collector's Box on its own) do not include postage and packaging in their listed price. For these items, P&P is added upon checkout.

If I choose to 'pay monthly, when will my card be charged and how often?

The first monthly payment will leave your account immediately and then there will be 11 further card transactions on the same day for each of the next 11 months (i.e. if your first payment is taken 20th October, additional payments will be taken each month up to and including ~20th September 2022.) These are card transactions, not direct debits - therefore it is important that if your card is due to expire, that you contact us to arrange cahnging your details. Card detials cannot be updated directly online unfortunately.

Why is the upfront subscription price more than the total cost of 12 individual singles and box?

The individual single/box purchases are priced without postage costs (I.e. this is added and determined by the cost to send to your region when you go to checkout) A subscription however, includes all of the following: - 7" singles x 12 [ individual costs of £10.99 each plus P+P ] - Hand-Numbered Collector's Box x1 [ individual cost £10 + P+P ] - Signed Postcard from David Gedge (earlybird) [ not available as an individual purchase ] - Postage & Packaging for all shipments of the above - The automatic servicing/fulfilment of your subscription without having to place orders on a monthly basis